Friend’s wedding

Friend’s wedding

I went to a good friend and coworker’s wedding this weekend – congratulations Jill & Dan!  The bride had a great idea – she got one of those 3-minute photo booths ala the Amelie movie. You just sit down, press the button, it takes 4 pictures on a strip and 3 minutes later you get a slip of B&W pictures out. You cut out your favorite(s) and past them in a big guest book and write all your best wishes and fun stuff in it. It was a great idea and buckets of fun. Obviously, as the night went on and the wine/beer disappeared, all kinds of interesting things were being photographed. 🙂

Great as that was, there was something that struck me during the vows – the rings. I thought about the rings themselves. I caught most of the vows and they made the point that the rings are a reminder that we are never alone.  As I thought about it, I realized in marriage they did indeed symbolized that there is always someone out there who will always accompany you on the journey of life – even if that person wasn’t around that very moment.

From the Christian perspective, this is being Christ for one another. For just as we are never truly alone and God is always with us, so too our spouse becomes that sacred other person as well. That no matter how bad things get or how much we might want to give up – even on ourselves – there is one who will not and has pledged to accompany us till death. What a great reflection to expand on…

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