If you use social media, you should watch this

If you use social media, you should watch this

Smarter Every Day does some amazing videos. While just a few years old, these videos on social media manipulation are even more relevant today than ever. They cover how foreign agents are already manipulating and infiltrating social media platforms Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and likely countless others. He also shares some good data on how the manipulators work – which echoes almost exactly the techniques used by Ryan Holladay for over a decade and he outlines in Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. All of this information is now about 5-10 years old – so you can imagine how much more sophisticated it has become since then.

If you use social media, this is critical information since it has become crystal clear (from the social media companies themselves, as well as congressional reports) that foreign entities have been doing this for almost a decade now. This was before AI based chat and response bots – which will likely make the volume and sophistication of these kinds of manipulators massively more pervasive and harder to spot.

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