Catalog of urban legends

Catalog of urban legends

Snook on YouTube did a video that covers just about every major urban legend and famous conspiracy.

Here’s a list of subjects he covers in his 70 minute video:

Gray aliens
Loch Ness Monster
Area 51
Men in black
Bloody Mary
Spider bite
The hook
The kidney thieves
Glad you didn’t turn on the lights
Killer in the back seat
Humans can lick too
Body in the bed
Body in the water tank
Man under the car
Halloween hanging
Corpse in the chimney
Toxic fumes lady
The goat man
Dog boy
Black eyed children
Lo Llorona
Charlie no face
Slitilated woman
The Jersey devil
Springhealed Jack
The Monkey Man
Paul is dead
Red cloak
The red room
Walking Sam
Seven midnight jogger
The night marchers
Stolens gateway to hell
The well to hell
Fatal flair
Foreign dreams
The rat king
Water babies
Pond monster
Pinky pinky

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