Become a Historic Summer Ranch Caretaker

Become a Historic Summer Ranch Caretaker

On the heals of taking bids for concessionaires to run the French Glen hotel near the Steens Mountains in remote Southeast Oregon, a historic ranch in eastern Oregon is also in need of a summer caretaker. The Bureau of Land Management announced Monday that it’s in need of a short-term caretaker this August at Riddle Brothers Ranch.

The Riddle Brother Ranch was built in the early 1900s beside the Little Blitzen River. The Bureau of Land Management purchased the historic property in 1986, and since then the ranch has existed as a hard-to-reach tourist attraction. Access is only permitted from Wed-Sun June to Oct via 4WD high clearance vehicles or horses.

The caretaker’s cabin at the ranch has a bed, electricity, running water, a refrigerator with a freezer, and cooking stove with an oven. Another building a half-mile away has a hot shower and additional food storage.

Those looking for more information or who want to apply can call Tara Thissell at 541-573-4400

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