Last day of boarding

Last day of boarding

Looks like the crank and pan seal fixed the oil leak smells – drove all weekend without a whiff. The great weather also meant I got to drive around with the windows open and air out all the armorall smell.  It’s nice getting used to driving a car that actually responds nicely to acceleration, turning, etc. Driving the V6 just about gave me whiplash at first as I learned to be more gentle with the gas in traffic.  Surprisingly, if I’m not a lead foot – I get just about 1mpg less with this v6 car than my 4-cyl Nissan.   Enough car stuff.

Several of us had originally planned to climb Mt St Helens on Sunday and snowboard down, but the non-cleared forest roads (and unusually high snowpack for this time of year) would have more than doubled the round trip. It was looking like a 5 mile hike in across snow just to get to the trail head, before a 4-5 hour climb. Would would have had to hike in and snow camp overnight or do it all in one shot (not recommended) So, we postponed it and went snowboarding this Sunday – it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny, warm, and you could see Jefferson and just make out all 3 sisters down near Bend. We got up and conditions were great at 9am, but by 11:30, the snow had gotten so slushy/sticky that it was difficult to even get down the runs. We packed it in, sat out on the patio in the sun and had a burger and fries. Wonderful day overall – and whats this? I think I even got a little sun through the sp45 I wore…

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