Up $0.20 in 8 hours – time to invest?

Up $0.20 in 8 hours – time to invest?

I was just back in Indiana doing a presentation on some work I am doing in my current job to my old Computer Science professors at Purdue.  It was a great trip, and a wonderful chance to catch up with my those that taught me.  It was also great to get a trip home to visit my family on the company dime.  I got to check out the new CS building – almost twice the size of the old one – and still they said it wasn’t quite big enough.  Even in the midst of nationally declining numbers of those entering computer science.

At any rate, when I went in for my presentation, the price of gas was $3.72.  When I left the presentation, every station in town read $3.95/gal.  There was still one station with the old price in town where I grew up and a line had formed around the block.  Remind anyone of the 70’s?  My guess is because it’s prep for the labor day weekend…

Got me to thinking, at the rate of growth that the price of gas has gone up in the last year, I should have just invested in the futures market for gas.  Or heck, just buy a huge tank and fill it up, wait 1 year and sell it at 50% more.  It’s seen 100’s of percent growth in just 5 years – way better than most investments…

So, can you actually do that?

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