Sublime – no really

Sublime – no really

Ran across this guy’s music a little while ago – and it just keeps coming back hauntingly to my play list. He’s a 35-ish native Australian from one of the native tribes down there. His name is Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Born blind, he self-taught himself guitar – which is why he plays his guitar upside-down since there weren’t any left-handed guitars in his village growing up. His songs are mostly in his native language of yolngu. He only seems to do shows for the 200 people sized crowds. I can only hope he makes a trip to the states. I’ll go see him. Apparently it’s pretty common for people to leave in tears.

Here’s some clips of him singing at his myspace account. Try the track “Gurrumul History” for a good one…

Here’s a youtube clip of him playing one of my favorites live. If you can get through it a couple of times without it kicking you in the chest like a billy goat, then you’re a stronger person than me.  The guy is clearly tapping into a side of his soul most of us ever just get a glimpse of.

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