CMake with compilers that need custom parameters

CMake with compilers that need custom parameters

When using CMake on non-GCC/non-Microsoft compilers – you often run into interesting problems. Especially true for embedded devices/cross-compilers.

One thing that can bite you is the fact that CMake requires the compiler to pass a ‘smoke’ test. Unfortunately, if there are required parameters for your compiler, the smoke test part will fail.

There are a few ways to solve this, the ‘recommended’ way seems to be via the CMAKE_FORCE_C_COMPILER/CMAKE_FORCE_CXX_COMPILER flags. This allows you to tell CMake what the compiler is and pass the smoke test.

CMAKE_FORCE_C_COMPILER(/usr/mycc/cxint86 GNU)
CMAKE_FORCE_CXX_COMPILER(/usr/mycc/cxxint86 GNU)

Here are the docs for more information

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