Dangerous Rise Of Scientism

Dangerous Rise Of Scientism

Great article on the something they are calling ‘Scientism’.

Pythagorean would often invoke the great master Aristotle in order to end a debate. Today we call this logical fallacy the “appeal to authority,” yet we continue to indulge it. Only now, our master is science or, more often, what appears to be science.

The rise of modern science in the seventeenth century was driven by testing and rejecting such appeals to authority. Whether scripture, tradition, or Aristotle, authority could not be allowed to substitute for logic and evidence.  Yet the provisional conclusions of research frequently are announced as definitive before the scientific community has adequately vetted them. But the prestige of science and its scholarly institutions can often obscure just how tentative the claims of much research are. The anti-vaccination movement is an example of the dangers caused by bad or fraudulent scientific research.

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