Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Hood Canal Cabin by Castanes Architects PS and Ray C. Freeman III

This is the kind of cabin I’d love to own. I love how it’s raised a good 10’+ from the ground so break ins/critter annoyances are greatly minimized when you’re not there, and it allows you to safely leave windows open when you are there.

“The square floor plan rotated so that the living room corner with the tall windows faces the water view. This simple strategy makes the cabin seem larger than its 800 ft2(74.3 m2). People’s eyes are naturally drawn to the windows, so they end up looking towards a corner that is further away than the closest wall. The 16′ high ceiling also contributes significantly to the sense of spaciousness. Vertical elements such as the window mullions and the built-in shelf unit lead the eye upward.”


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