Indy 500

Indy 500

Caught the last part of the Indy 500 and it was probably one of the best races in years!

The first woman ever to lead the 500 – a rookie no less.  Danica Patrick lead the last dozen or so laps only to get beaten out by mere inches before a  yellow.  She then took the lead again, lost it, and the winner runs out of gas before he can make it back to pit road!  What a great finish!

This is the first 500 in a few years that I didn’t get back home to see.  Usually make it to the time trials or the like; but watched it alone in a very empty seminary.  Yet, it was so exciting and fun.  I felt like I was there myself – whooping and white-knuckling my seat till the end.

The live, in-person version is really entertaining. Mostly because the hoards of drunk people that as much fun to watch as the race itself.  But I also missed the family because the race reminded me of watching the race together as a kid.

If you’ve never experienced an Indy-car race in person – make the 500 your first.  It’s so loud that you’ll be deaf without earplugs.  You can actually hear the race almost 20-30 miles away on good days.  Great, great race.

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