Boston – Day 6

Boston – Day 6

We got a relaxing start to the day and planned on doing the tour of Fenway park and then seeing the Isabella Stewart Gardner house and maybe the Museum of Fine Arts.  However, after the tour of Fenway, I was convinced I wanted to stay for the evening game.  Problem was getting tickets – and so began the most amazing evening of baseball ever – which ends in me actually getting into the baseball hall of fame.  No, I’m not lying or exaggerating.

So, my brother and I decide to try our hand by standing in the line for same-day-sale tickets that are left over from all the sales.  It’s basically 100-300 tickets that were left unsold at retailers.  You just walk up and get what’s left basically; but you only have to pay normal face price.  Ah Fenway, your ticket scalpers were everywhere selling tickets around the stadium for 2-8x the face value of tickets.  Pushy too.  We were prepared to take anything that was left.  We got in line about 5pm, and then waited until 7pm when the gate opened.  We were about 50th in line, and the ticket agent actually had 2 tickets together up on the green monster.  We bought them at face value and headed up to our amazing seats.

Second row of the green monster, seats 1 and 2 right over the third base fowl line.  So close you can taste the action.  We sat next to two older guys, Mike and Ron who said that in the 30+ years they’d been attending games, this was the first time they’d ever gotten tickets over the green monster.  They couldn’t believe we’d actually just gotten tickets by walking up.  Apparently luck was smiling.

But that’s half the story.  Next up, this game was the record-breaking 456th consecutive sell-out crowd at Fenway.  As part of the proof of the record, the names of all the ticketholders were included in the record-breaking submission.  So now my, and several thousands of others, names are now in the baseball hall of fame. No lie, I have a little certificate to prove it.

And finally, I got to meet the ball boy+girl and the guy that threw out the first pitch – who happen to have gotten the seats right next to us.  How’s that for amazing?

Oh yeah, and here’s the last play of the game (avi) – Boston wins 3-0 against the Rays:

We didn’t actually get to the museums – but somehow I don’t feel sad.

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