Day 7 – Doubt I’ll ever use US Airways again

Day 7 – Doubt I’ll ever use US Airways again

After a nice morning and a stop at Harvard for lunch, I hopped the train to the airport.  Upon arriving, I find that all their flights to Philadelphia are canceled due to “storms”.  Funny – the other carriers didn’t seem to cancel their flights to Phili.  So, I get to stand in huge line with a bunch of other folks.  Well, long story short, I ended up getting my 5 hour near direct flight re-routed though Arizona and it turned into 8 hours of flying for a total of 12 total traveling hours including the delays and standing in lines.

I did manage to get my checked bag (that was also overweight) thrown in for free, and exit rows on both flights – at least that made up for some of it.  People right next to me took the same flights to Portland – but didn’t get those amenities.  Shows what being nice to the gate agent will get you.

Still I seriously doubt I’ll fly US Airways again.  I got the distinct feeling they were simply canceling flights to fill existing flights and staffing.  They mentioned that the flights I was re-routed on were nearly empty. One fellow in line next to me said in the 3 years he’s been flying them (traveling at least monthly) he has only had everything go smoothly about 5 times.  Not good.

PS: on my way out, we got deplaned in AZ at 1am and delayed an hour due to hydrologic problems.

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