Pulse rifle parts!

Pulse rifle parts!

Hey there!  I arrive home to find my latest purchase has arrived.

As some of my friends know, I’ve had a little hobby I’ve been churning on in the background.  It’s to build an authentic, original parts Pulse Rifle used in the movie Aliens.  Why?  Because it’s awesome – and one of the most sought-after builds.  Not only that, but so many folks do it, that there is a good collection of folks online contributing to it.

The build itself is very expensive – as you need to buy actual gun parts as well as manufacture or buy secondary parts.  The hardest part of the build is actually aquiring 2 cage parts from a no-longer importable Fanchi SPAS-12 shotgun.  I have been working my way down the list from hardest to easiest parts to acquire, and now all I need is a few simple pieces that most local shops sell.

I’m going to sort the parts this afternoon, and perhaps start a new blog!

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