President Bush’s…surprise

President Bush’s…surprise

I like most of you, heard Pres Bush’s 15-minute address on Wednesday.  If you missed it, the text is here and along with the audio/video as well.  The most surprising part – he described the situation very accurately, succinctly, and – quite honestly – surprised me with how well he did with it.

He spent the first half of the speech describing how we got where we are now at (and his summary was as good and accurate a summary as I’ve yet heard).  He acknowledged the anger and frustration of folks that did do their homework and pay their bills on time, as well as assure that the Wall Street would be given a stimulus package in order to stabilize the market.  He ended on an inspiring note – which I urge you to read – because I think it’s true.

While I’ve not been a big fan of George over the years on various things (I’m registered as independent as they come) – this is by far the best address I’ve ever heard him make.   If you want a good summary of what happened on wall street and why we now are stuck bailing it out (or facing near depression era market/economy collapse), I now will be pointing folks to George’s speech.  And that’s a first.

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