The planets have aligned – in the bad way

The planets have aligned – in the bad way

What a week so far:
-Last Saturday: landlady reports the bathroom in the apartment below me just had her ceiling bow, then collapse.  There’s a leak of some sort.  No using shower until Monday when the plumber arrives and confirms the pipes are ok.  Tiler comes on Tuesday and confirms that the tiling was leaking.  Proceeds to rip the wall out and then put a dehumidifier in my bathroom.  So,  I get to shower at work every morning.  1 week later – still drying the wall out – at least 2 more days before I get a shower at home.  Sigh.

-Tuesday: electric shaver dies, get to go to work looking shabby AND stinky

-Thursday: battery in car dies – need to get a jump from cab company in the middle of the night.  Get up super-early next morning to go get another battery and old one is confirmed dead.

-Saturday: while parked outside a cafe – a lady mashes the front of my car.  I wasn’t there, but she did leave a note with a policy number.  Car is still drivable, but now I need to get at least my whole front bumper replaced and one headlight.  more sigh.

So, how did all your week go?

2 thoughts on “The planets have aligned – in the bad way

  1. Ouch. At least a) you have a shower at work and b) amazingly enough the lady left her number. monty python “Always look on the bright side of life” /monty python.


  2. Well, the ‘amazingly left the number’ was actually dumb luck. When parking, I happened to park right in front of an outdoor cafe’s with people at tables right on the street edge. I bet there were about 20 witnesses when she did it. If it’d been an anonymous spot, I bet they would have driven off. Judging by the massive scraping on my car and the sheer volume of white paint she left (I got most of that off) – I think she got the way worse end of the deal and will probably have to make a claim herself.

    Tally from my first shop estimate is $1200.

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