2 more 1.5tb drives – in a raid – in wrapping paper??

2 more 1.5tb drives – in a raid – in wrapping paper??

The deal for 1.5terabyte drives I mentioned earlier for $83 was quickly replaced by one from Dell with the drives at the still steal rate of $105 (using the same discount code strangely enough).  I picked up 2 more of the drives for a total of three with plans of putting them into a raid 5 setup (so I can lose one without losing my machine). However, when the two new drives arrived – they arrived just like this:


(except the anti-static bag was fully closed).  But I kid you not, the drive was just flopping around at the bottom of the box with no real protection.  Sure enough, I plug them in, one works – the other delivers a never-ending string of grinding, heads clicking back and forth, and ultimately isn’t seen by the bios.  Dead, dead, dead.  My first drive came with nice foam brackets protecting it all around – this came with a single wad of brown paper thrown uselessly on top the drive. Not only that, but the box says Western Digital all over it – when this is a Seagate drive…. curiouser and curiouser.

So, when I call to replace it – it takes no less than 45 minutes and 5 different transfers before I can get the drive replaced.  That and they tried to get me to send it to Seagate instead (at least a 2 week turnaround and you get a refurbed drive – not a new one like I paid for).  In the end, after a bit of haggling I did get a new drive over-nighted to me and it should arrive today. But I must say it does leave me with a slightly worried feel about the next potential order.

The surviving drive has been running through massive copies, defrags, and surface scans to give it a good workout to see if it’s up to snuff.  So far so good.

Ah, FedEx reports that my drive is now on the truck for delivery – should be home when I get there.   Fingers crossed.

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