Seagate – you’re doin’ me wrong – again…

Seagate – you’re doin’ me wrong – again…

So, after sending no less than two of my 1.5tb drives back from having died within 4 weeks of ownership – I get one of the drives back and I have horrific deja vu all over again – because it looks like this:

Yep – another drive in an open anti-static bag, one piece of foam (which means the drive was flopping around at the bottom of the box unprotected. AND the coupe de grace – it’s the WRONG drive.  The packing list shows I’m supposed to be getting a replacement $100 1.5 tb drive (they even list the serial number), but the drive is – and I kid you not – a $1200 HP fibre channel 1.0tb rack-mount drive including it’s mounting hardware.   If it weren’t for my good nature and the fact this drive is likely dead anyway – I would dump it on ebay and just buy new drives with the proceeds.  But again, sit for just under 1 hour on seagate hold, go through 3 layers of support escalation before they offer to pay for this drive to be returned and a new one express mailed to me.  Sigh.

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