Housing price estimates through March 2010

Housing price estimates through March 2010

Even though the experts are saying that certain housing markets are bottoming out, the question is who and which?  To that end, Money magazine published an interesting article that reports estimated housing price changes for the next 12 months by city/state.

Interestingly, Portland is slated for a 10.2% drop in house prices from now till March 2010.  Something that local realtors are not likely to tell you.  In fact, according to the local radio ads – it’s never been a better time to buy!  (Just like they’ve been screaming for the last 2 years).  But anywho, that matches up with the historical data that says Oregon tends to enter recessions later than others, but tends to stay longer (and sometimes goes a bit deeper).  But anyway – go give the list a look – interesting trends.

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