Scr*w you Amazon

Scr*w you Amazon

So, we have this little health program at work – all voluntary – and for doing a health screen/hitting various exercise/weight/smoking/etc goals – you get rewarded with $25 gift cards from American Express.  Well, this free money isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.  It only works at a handful of retailers – of which the only one you’ve likely even heard of is Amazon.  But yet, you cannot combine the use of this card with another payment option.  So in other words, you need to spend up to $25 exactly – and not over.  And, they have the card blocked so you can’t buy gift cards either.  Lame.

But here’s a site to help you stick it back to the man.  If you purchase an item, but are just shy of the $25 free shipping, use this site to help you find items of the amount you desire.

It will help you located “filler items” of a certain value to get you to the magic $25 for free shipping.

One thought on “Scr*w you Amazon

  1. is a great idea – unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me! I clicked on three different items and each time it took me to some completely different item on Amazon (with a different price as well). Oh well…

    I feel your pain on the AmEx gift cards. Those things are difficult to use. Home Depot is a good place to spend them since you can always find something that you need and they also allow you to pay with multiple credit cards if your purchase goes over.

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