Star Wars – The Live Orechestral Show

Star Wars – The Live Orechestral Show

Ugh – so many choices last night.  It’s dead most of the week, but last night there was no less than 4 great things happening at the exact same time in town:

  1. Sarah Vowell reads from her new book.
  2. KMFDM concert
  3. Butthole Surfers Concert
  4. Star Wars – live orchestral concert

I ended up choosing the Star Wars concert because it was earlier (and I was tired that day), and scored tickets at the last minute for super-cheap.  The show had a full orchestra playing the music, while scenes from all the movies was shown.  My friends did the Surfers concert and much fun was had there too.  The Star Wars show was live narrated by the character that did the acting and voice for C3P0.  Overally, very well done show and I was super-happy I went.  Was amazed at how many kids went and seemed to have a great time.  If I’d had kids, I would have loved to take them as well.  The foyer of the Rose Garden was full of original props from the movies: Original Darth Vader costume, Chewbaca, helmets, weapons, and an original score written and signed by John Williams.

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