McDonalds call-centers its drive-ups?

McDonalds call-centers its drive-ups?

Due to a lot of my work with Project Offset, I’ve been flying a lot more lately.  I was late for catching a plane, but desperately needed to get some food in me.  I swung by a McDonalds and hit the drivethru.  I ordered a sausage sandwich, but when I go to the window, I realized they quoted me $2.50 or such and the board had read $1 something.  When I got to the pay window, and asked about it – and the guy said, “Yeah, sometimes those guys ring it up wrong”.  Huh?  Did you take my order?  No, he tells me that this McDonalds has its drive-up order taking boards hooked to call centers somewhere else some of the times – mostly in the mornings.

Long story short – the guy taking your order might be half-way around the country.  I don’t wonder if this was something that these call centers have turned to since the do-not-call list has really cut down their volume, but it’s an interesting development.

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