Dear God Yes. Cellphone sanity?

Dear God Yes. Cellphone sanity?

I’ve always been one that believes when you’re together, be together. Put your !@#$ cell phones away when having dinner together or enjoying a show. I personally believe the Phone Stacking Game should be mandatory. Now Yondr has come out with something almost better. Something I hope catches on.

You are handed one of their little Yondr pouches – slightly larger than a cell phone. You put your cell phone into the pouch and the case locks shut with a little pin/tag similar to those use in department stores on clothes. You can only unlock the pouch and get your phone back out at unlocking stations located at the exit.

This allows you to go to venues where you don’t want cell phones to be distracting the experience yet let each person retain ownership and control of their phone. Even better, if you might get an emergency call, you can hear the ring tone/feel the vibration and immediately exit to see it.

I can see parents using this with children, at movie theaters, or even churches.

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