Smash Putt!

Smash Putt!

Went to a great little putt-putt activity over the weekend.  The economy has not been kind in Portland, and businesses are shuttering at a somewhat alarming rate.  Right on NW Burnside there were no less than 3 shops right next door to each other that went vacant.  So what to do?  Invite a bunch of art folks in to design some putt-putt golf courses in the empty space.


Virtually every course had some kind of automated/moving parts.  The top left had rising/lowering sections and ramps that toggled with the push of a button. The middle “infinity” symbol had it’s hole was at the top – and would kick your ball  out the opposite direction you hit it in.  So if you got a hole in one, it would kick your ball out down the other ramp and end up right where you started (infinite putt-putt), and the picture on the far right had Foosball guys sliding back and forth.

Other notably fun holes had power tools that would turn on and kick your ball out.   Air cannon guns on the ‘shooting range’ course that shot your ball out into a shooting range full of targets (30+ feet!), and all kinds of other fun courses.  Below are clips of some of them, but I was using my iPhone and it was quite dark:

Overall, I’d say it was some good fun – and still going on for another weekend – so get on in and enjoy some fun!

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