Goonies 25th Anniversary at Astoria

Goonies 25th Anniversary at Astoria

I went out to Astoria with some friends for the Goonies 25th Anniversary festival.  Goonies was filmed in Astoria and a few scenes down the road at Ecola State Park.  You can still visit the original house:

The Goon-docks were the festival headquarters – where I picked up an exceptional hoodie to commemorate the event:

I missed it in the morning, but the actual actor who played Sloth was there in costume at the opening of the new film museum. The ‘museum’ just happens to be the old jail that one of the Fratelli brother’s escapes from at the opening of the movie.  Just the same as it looked in the movie 25 years ago.

Also on hand, “Chunk” Jeff Cohen, Goonies director Richard Donner, Sean Astin who played the lead character Mikey, and Corey Feldman “Mouth”.  While I didn’t see any of the actors due to the fact each of them showed up at different events over the long weekend – it was great fun seeing all the fans dressed up and living the dream.  In all, about 2500 fans showed up.

Details and a really active forum with pictures/etc here:

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