I ran the annual Intel 5k here at work one afternoon and this was my time (albeit the actual course was 3.22 miles instead of 3.10).  8:30/mile pace.   Not bad considering this was my first timed 5k race since I was in high school (and I was just running it at my normal nightly pace – not racing it); but honestly, my worst times as a freshman in high school were like this.  I think I regularly ran 22-ish minute 5k’s with a few ventures down to the upper 20-minute range.

I still keenly remember the very end of my senior year track season.  I was standing on the hill above the track at my high school with my good friend Jason Wortman after having just run a 5:02 mile and saying, “You know, this might be the fastest/best shape we’ll be in for the rest of our lives”.  Maybe I should prove that statement wrong… 🙂

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