Mysterious Lodging in Kyoto

Mysterious Lodging in Kyoto

Mysterious Lodging is a recent guest house that opened in Kyoto. The building houses 11 themed rooms each costing 7,500 yen (US$70) per night, each large enough to fit up to two people.

On the wall of the Horror Room is a dial that adjusts the level of uncanny occurrences produced, starting from the “off” position where nothing happens and all the way to “3” where even the bravest of souls would think twice about staying. The real fun begins after 7 p.m., however, as that is when maximum-level scariness begins

Room of Plenty has the walls completely covered with numerous buttons and switches. Hitting the switches produces different sounds, allowing customers to experiment and combine different elements to enjoy a delightful auditory playground.

The Room of Scenery projects more than 20 surreal videos onto its windows.

Learn more about all their different room here:

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