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Microsoft, we’ve been friends.  Good friends in fact – for many years.  And that one time we got drunk at the bar and … well.  But you’re doing me wrong.  Not just wrong, your KILLING ME.  WHAT THE F* IS WRONG WITH YOUR SEARCH IN WIN7 (and to lesser degree Vista)???

Why is it if I want to find a real, honest file, I need to open a command prompt and type: ‘dir fileIwanttofind.dae /s’ to actually find the thing?   Why is it if I type the filename in the ‘search’ box of my file explorer YOU NEVER SEEM TO FIND IT.  EVEN IF I POINT YOU TO THE RIGHT DIRECTORY.  EVEN IF I GO TO ADVANCED AND SELECT ALL THE CRYPTIC OPTIONS.  What. The. Hell.  You can’t even find a file anymore.

I was trying to walk a friend through a virus attack the other day (which turned out just to be a HORRIBLY written app), and needed to delete an auto-starting program called foo.exe.  I had her type it into the search dialog.  No luck.  I had her open the advanced options and select system+hidden files  – no luck.  We tried wildcards like foo.* and so forth – no luck.  I had her open the dos prompt and type the search in – bam – answer in 2 seconds.

You have this crazy service running constantly scanning and indexing my drives, you have search helper services running all the time and chewing up resources – but you can’t find a single file when I look for it.  I ALWAYS end up resorting to a seperate tool or command prompt.

How did you get so messed up?  Are you drunk? What’s wrong with you?

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