Nice hike up to the top of Palmer on Mt Hood

Nice hike up to the top of Palmer on Mt Hood

Had a ridiculously sunny and warm day on Saturday.  In preparation for my attempt on Mt Hood this week, I did another hike up the climbers trail from Timberline lodge to the top of the Palmer lift (5,900ft-8,470ft).  Had amazing views and beautiful, sunny weather:


It was only about 1/2 the distance to the top (11,240ft), but was a great gear and stamina check.  I considered going higher, but I had started later and the snow was already pretty mushy.  That and I wasn’t going to go higher than the patrolled area alone.  Had to keep putting the SPF 50 on during the few hours I was up there and still got a lot of good sun.  It was so bright that the auto-white balance of the camera turned the blue sky black.

Overall, gorgeous day and great hike.

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