Out of Source CMake Build Example

Out of Source CMake Build Example

Build systems are certainly not the sexy parts of software development. However, no part of the development process impacts your team so much as it’s build system. Build systems that perform poorly, regularly break, or generate inconsistent or confusing output files are one of the fastest ways to introduce bugs, slow releases, and bring a whole team to a screeching halt. That’s why automated reproducible builds are a keystone of agile development.

Out-of-source builds are one way to improve your build system. Out-of-source building is a practice that keeps the generated/compiled intermediate and binary files out of the source file directories. Traditionally, most build systems would generate object, binary, and intermediate files mixed right next to their source files. This leads to a confusing hierarchy of files that made getting a consistent picture of your build and source nearly impossible on big projects.

It turns out CMake can help you create our of source builds with just a few little tricks. Unfortunately, there were few examples and many of them were overly complex. So, to help get folks started, I wrote up a very simple sample. It’s the perfect starting point for your next project. It works with both Linux and Visual Studio builds.


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