The goal of a troll

The goal of a troll

Best comment of the week award goes to MetroMillano:

Lol – you all got totally trolled by MrStupidComment647. You’ll notice they posted their dumb comment 2 months ago and now there is a thread 50+ comments long of you’all are still p*ssing in your cornflakes about it. They never once responded.

Don’t you realize yet? Their goal isn’t to win an argument on the internet, the goal is to make you waste YOUR life on their internet.

The worst thing as Christians in life isn’t to try and fail, to sin or make countless mistakes in striving to live as we should. If nothing else, God is still glorified by his mercy and forgiveness when we ask for it. No, it’s to have wasted our whole life and not really made any progress towards perfection. If evil can’t make us fall directly into evil, it will certainly try to stop us from making progress and wasting the infinite opportunities of each day.

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