Rob Humble’s ‘The Marriage’ game

Rob Humble’s ‘The Marriage’ game

Rob Humble was fooling around with the idea of games as art – a continually argued topic in the game development community. In experimenting, he came up with the idea for this art piece/game called The Marriage.

It uses very simple controls and boxes to explore the ideas of relationship.

“The Marriage “came out of a long weekend I took with my wife down to Carmel. It was created that evening on my laptop as I listened to the waves of the pacific below. All the game mechanics were completed that evening although I spent weeks afterwards tuning and polishing. The game was also made “in process” as it were. I simply could not design this game on paper before hand. It had to be done by exploring, discarding and balancing game elements during creation.

You can play it in-browser here, or read more and download the original Windows version (as well as get instructions) here.

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