Shibuya Halloween 2021 is Virtual

Shibuya Halloween 2021 is Virtual

Shibuya is trying something interesting to deal with the annual gathering of Halloween revelers during COVID. They’re making the event, concerts, fan groups, color pages, and lots of other activities free online.

You can attend events for free online and even attend the festivities in VR:

Japan has never traditionally celebrated Halloween. During the 1990’s, a bunch of Halloween loving foreigners started wearing costumes and riding the ring trains around Tokyo. Unfortunately, drunken behavior cause the police to ask the riders to disembark (please don’t be one of these ugly tourists – I don’t care how cool you think you are. It’s rude to go to another country and act like that).

Revelers soon started gathering in the neighborhoods around the train stations and the street parties grew and grew. Shibuya soon became one of the major stops for these festivities – and has grown to be the focal point. Unfortunately large amounts of trash, drunken disturbances and destruction have become all too common. Which is really unfortunate since it could be such a good chance for people to have fun and share some cross-cultural exchange.

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