Own your own Light Saber

Own your own Light Saber

At Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, you can build your own light saber at Savi’s Workshop. After being closed (likely due to union contract issues, not earlier stated parts availability issues) Disney World’s build a light saber workshop experience appears to be back open.

2021 prices are a whopping $219+CA tax but the experience regularly books up well in advance so reservations are highly recommended. Tom Bricker gives us a great description of the experience if you want to read it. There’s also lots of youtube videos of the experience as well.

However, many have strongly debated if it is worth it. The Disney build-a-saber experience is more than just a light saber, you also get a bit of a show while creating it. But if you’re looking for a really high quality saber, the jury seems to indicate you should look elsewhere.

So, if you want a truly beautiful piece – where should one go? It turns out, there are several.

Sabertrio Aeryn Lightsaber (Thin Neck) | New Saber Alert - SaberSourcing

Sabertrio makes arguably the best sabers out there. Running in the $500-$1000 range, they will definitely cost you. Parts availability have recently been a problem. Scans of the site show a great number of sabers out of stock in 2021.

Saberforge also makes high quality sabers for a lower entry price. You can even buy scratch and dent parts bags and put together your own.

Check out this link if you want to see other saber makers out there – everything from cheap Hasbro’s to $2000 custom works of art.

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