3D floorplans of famous movies

3D floorplans of famous movies

I’m a big fan of movies and of visiting the very places where movies were shot. I always find it amazing to see or be in the very spot these iconic moments in film took place.

Many movies and famous scenes, however, took place on a sound stage or on a set that is usually simply destroyed as soon as the shooting is done to make room for the next production.

Enter Expedia who commissioned 3D floorplans for many famous movies such as The Shining, Goldfinger, Lost in Translation, Pretty Woman, and The Hangover. For places that actually exist, they also have links to how to reserve these very rooms.

Film and furniture also covered these layouts and even sells prints of some of them.

If you want to check out a similar artist’s work, check out Boryana Ilieva’s website Floorplan Croissant where you can buy her own water color creations of famous locations.

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