Welcome to the (AI) Dungeon

Welcome to the (AI) Dungeon

Want to play some Dungeons and Dragon’s style adventuring, but don’t have time to set up the game night and campaign? Try AI Dungeon (also on Steam) created by Nick Walton, the founder and CEO of Latitude.

Nick Walton believes that AI will never fully replace humans in a creative capacity, but it can be the engine artists use to try out new ideas and spark creativity.

“There’s always going to be a really important place for humans defining what the experience is, what the story is, and what matters, but AI is essentially enabling every person to be a creative director of their own experience.” In other words, tech like this should be used to facilitate human creativity.

“Our goal is just to make it really easy for creators to build those types of experiences, and to continue to lower the barrier that it takes to build those.”

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