Installing Stable-diffusion 1.4

Installing Stable-diffusion 1.4

Time to play with some AI generated art!

Here’s some great instructions on how to install the older stable diffusion 1.4:

8GB of VRAM or less

One of the first things you’ll run into is that you’re not going to be able to generate any images at 512×512 or larger if you have a graphics card with 8GB of VRAM or less. Even smaller if you only have 4GB of VRAM. The first/easiest method is to limit the output image size. There is also an option that splits the model into 4 parts and loads each separately (thought it will take longer), or using a more optimized/compressed set of trained model data.

So how do you do that if you have an older graphics card that only has 4GB or 8GB of VRAM? TingTingin has some tips at the end of his installation video if you are using a card with 8GB of VRAM (nVidia 3070’s for example).

Summary (at 15:45): Modify your and add the line ‘model.half()’ after model = instantiate_from_config(config.model) in the load_model_from_config() function.

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