Sharing things teens aren’t ready to hear

Sharing things teens aren’t ready to hear

Some adults share things they think teens aren’t ready to hear – but it is actually some solid advice for all ages. Do you have some of your own to add?

  1. Social media is not reality and your entire life should not revolve around it.
  2. Everything you’re doing now as a teenager will be utterly cringe to your children.
  3. You won’t feel different when you’re older, or have kids. You’ll just be you – it’s just weird
  4. Today’s eyebrows are tomorrow’s clown makeup
  5. In 15 years you’re going to think kids have gone too far and they’re going to think you’re old fashioned
  6. Getting good at stuff will take time. Sometimes a lot of time. And sometimes you’ll spend lots of time on somethinig and you still won’t get good at it. That’s the human experience. Some things you struggle with will come very easily for other but some things they struggle with will be very easy to you. Don’t be made someone else possesses a skill you don’t, and don’t be a jerk for possessing skills many others don’t.
  7. Nobody wants to hear whatever TikTok you’re watching. Buy some damn headphones.
  8. Being controversial isn’t the same as being interesting.
  9. School has a system for keeping you from falling behind. Life does not.
  10. Just because you f*-ed something up does NOT mean you’re a f*-up
  11. Things will likely take significantly longer to achieve than you think.
  12. “Life is not like a video game where you just keep leveling up. Sometimes the thing you built will fall apart and you will have to repeatedly do the same thing over and over. However, don’t beat yourself up about it – this is normal. With experience you will also become more adept at facing and resolving problems, so each time the same problem repeats you will be better at solving them.” – This one I sort of agree and disagree with. If you’re on a treadmill of repeated failures, especially failing the same way, then there’s probably a pattern there that needs to change.
  13. Not everyone can be an internet sensation, somebody has to drive the dump truck.
  14. One day you too will be old and uncool. It’ll happen faster than you think.
  15. Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean it’s new.
  16. As you get older you just keep realizing how dumb you were last year.
  17. That heartache you’re going through? It consumes everything now but it will be nothing but a footnote in the future. You’ll rarely think about it later and when you do it won’t hurt you. It’s hard to hear that your pain isn’t the worst in the world when you’re feeling it, but it does help to know that it won’t mean as much as it does in this moment.

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