Buying certified refurbished hard drives – with warranty

Buying certified refurbished hard drives – with warranty

Sever Part Deals is a website that offers high quality, manufacture refurbished, and warrantied enterprise hard drives. Many of them come with 2 year warranties and come in gigantic capacities from 10-20TB.

While I would never trust a refurbished single drive with my critical data, I run a RAID 5 system with redundancy and find these drives to have been very good in such a setup. If one dies, I can hot swap a spare in and keep going.

I recently did this with some 8TB drives, and they have been working great for the last 3 years without a single hiccup, heat issue, or SMART error. You want to make sure you’re buying reliable drives to begin with (cough cough: massive and long-standing history of high failure rates with Seagate) – but baring that – my HGST’s have been amazing.

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