Rise of the AI Prompt Engineer

Rise of the AI Prompt Engineer

Using online AI art generation sites like DALLE, Midjourney, and GPT-3 aren’t free or unlimited to most folks. For example, DALL-E 2 was charging 10 cents per prompted generation attempt. Trying a few hundred prompts can quickly add up. Even using free generators like Stable Diffusion, experimenting with prompts can be time consuming.

It only makes sense we’re witnessing the rise of specialist prompt writers and online marketplaces where you can buy and sell high-quality prompts that get the desired results much faster. This saves users money on API fees and time trying to tune the prompt to get what you want.

These even have names now. A prompt engineer is a specialist adept at writing the text prompts necessary for an AI model to generate reliable outputs (such as graphics, text, or code) at a reasonable price. They can then sell the specialized prompts they generate on a prompt marketplace. These are sites where users can purchase and sell prompts. The prompt maker usually keeps 80% of the sale, and the marketplace takes a 20% cut.

Below are some of the top paid Prompt Marketplaces. Definitely worth browsing to see the amazing work that can be generated by AI art algorithms.

PromptBase – offers an amazing amount of prompts for just a few dollars:

PromptHero – seems to be geared towards higher-end generation





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