Better stable diffusion and AI generated art prompts

Better stable diffusion and AI generated art prompts

Now that you have stable diffusion on your system, how do you start taking advantage of it?

One way is to try some sample prompts to start with. Techspot has some good ones (halfway through the article) to whet your appetite.

You can get inspiration by looking at good examples on free public prompt marketplaces.

Then you might want to learn how to fix some common problems.

When you’re really ready to dive in, this article from Metaverse gives you a list of excellent getting started guides to help get you from beginner to proficient in generating your own awesome art.

The key to it all is learning the syntax, parameters, and art of crafting AI prompts. It’s as much art as it is science. It’s complex enough that there are everything from beginner examples, free guides, tools to help, all the way to paid marketplaces.

Learning gotten a lot better in the last 6 months since people started learning how to use AI generated prompts last year.

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