Introduction to writing stable diffusion prompts

Introduction to writing stable diffusion prompts

HowToGeek has a wonderful little introduction on how to start write your first Stable Diffusion prompts.

Update 02-2023: Here’s 10 really amazing resources to help you to generate really great prompts and art.

They start with some simple AI image generation and move on to more and more complex examples that includes a brief introduction to some key parameters, changing and including broader image sources, and then generating various famous artistic styles.

They finish out the intro with some links to help you learn more:

  • Lexica — a repository of images generated using Stable Diffusion and the corresponding prompt. Searchable by keyword.
  • Stable Diffusion Artist Style Studies — A non-exhaustive list of artists Stable Diffusion might recognize, as well as general descriptions of their artistic style. There is a ranking system to describe how well Stable Diffusion responds to the artist’s name as a part of a prompt.
  • Stable Diffusion Modifier Studies — a list of modifiers that can be used with Stable Diffusion, just like the artist page.
  • The AI Art Modifiers List — A photo gallery showcasing some of the strongest modifiers you can use in your prompts, and what they do. They’re sorted by modifier type.
  • Top 500 Artists Represented in Stable Diffusion — We know exactly what images were included in the Stable Diffusion training set, so it is possible to tell which artists contributed the most to training the AI. Generally speaking, the more strongly represented an artist was in the training data, the better Stable Diffusion will respond to their name as a keyword.
  • The Stable Diffusion Subreddit — The Stable Diffusion subreddit has a constant flow of new prompts and fun discoveries. If you’re looking for inspiration or insight, you can’t go wrong.


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