Harvard Adult Development Study

Harvard Adult Development Study

The Harvard Study of Adult Development is probably one of the longest studies done over 75 years of the same people. Some came from the poorest parts of society, while others were Harvard members. What turned out to make them happiest and live longest was not their cholesterol numbers, success, money, nor fame.

The findings? The quality and satisfaction of their relationships is the most important index of longer life, happiness, and health than any other marker. Loneliness was one of the highest indicators of later physical and mental health issues. Even if the relationships had difficulties and bickering – the most important key attribute is that they knew when the chips were down they could count on their partner.

If you want to live longer and happier, it might be time to re-kindle a stagnating relationship or building new healthy relationships. Holding grudges, unforgiveness, or not kindling loving relationships is just as damaging to you as heart disease. Surprisingly, these are the very things that Jesus taught us.

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