Horror themed Doom wad – My House

Horror themed Doom wad – My House

One might think not much is still happening in a 30 year old game; but people are still modding the original game Doom (released in 1993) – and getting really creative. Frighteningly creative.

Recently, someone uploaded a mod for the game that seemed pretty simple at first – someone’s house. Making a familiar place like your house in Doom is something modders often start with as beginners. At first blush it seemed like just some new guy’s simple mod attempt. In his post, he claims that:

Excited to finally release this tribute map. Last August I lost a good childhood friend of mine and took it pretty hard. When I was visiting my hometown for his funeral, I connected with his parents who shared with me some of his old belongings. Among them was a copy of an old map of his backed up on a 3.5” floppy from high school. Thomas and I were into amateur Doom mapping in the early 00s but I had never seen this map of his prior to uncovering it on one of the old floppy discs. As a way of paying tribute to him and all the great memories we had together, I took the plunge and installed Doom Builder in order to polish up his map and add a few modern amenities just for convenience sake.

But as you go into the house, things get stranger and stranger. What began as a simple reproduction of someone’s house begins to morph into something entirely different. Technically, some of what happens should be impossible in the original 1993 engine. The environments you soon find yourself are decidedly part of modern internet creepypasta culture.

The story and where it takes you becomes pretty fantastical and astounding. This was clearly done by someone with high technical skill and great storytelling – bending both the game engine and the story itself. If you dig around, you’ll also find extra text files with a back story and… Well – lets not give it all away.

The video above is one of the better walkthroughs of it – describing all the connections to other media and describing all the things that shouldn’t be possible.

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