Overlook Hotel ‘Interactive Weekend’ at Timberline Lodge

Overlook Hotel ‘Interactive Weekend’ at Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge is located outside of Portland way up on nearby Mt Hood. It’s the famous hotel seen in Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING as the location of the infamous Overlook hotel.

Just recently, a new group called the ‘Overlook Film Festival’ has popped up. They appear to be the same folks that ran The Stanley Film Festival that used to be held at the Estes Park, CO hotel that Steven King stayed at and inspired him to write THE SHINING.  There is scant info on their official site, but April 27-30th, 2017 they are hosting a new ‘festival experience’ at Timberline Lodge.

The brief description indicates there will be film programming with a focus on experiential events, new and classic independent horror cinema, and the latest in interactive and live shows to create a fully immersive weekend. They bill it as ‘A summer camp for genre fans’ and a community event bringing the best of horror in all its forms to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience within an intimate and inspirational environment.

The live events seem to include:

  • Our live radio play TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE is presented by Glass Eye Pix
  • Weekend long Immersive Game, an opt-in real-time mystery starring you, is produced by Bottleneck Immersive
  • Live programming will include one-of-a-kind musical performances, unique panel presentations, live podcasts, escape room challenges, magic shows, trivia night, games, brunches, an interactive gallery, virtual reality installations and more.

Tickets for just the event are $150-350 and whole weekend packages that ran in the $1300-1600 range were already sold out just a few days after it was announced. After having attended a murder mystery party at the lodge a few years back, I’m very curious about this one too. Just need to figure out if I should shell out the money. 🙂

Link is here:

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