NVidia GTX 1070’s – flickering and artifacts

NVidia GTX 1070’s – flickering and artifacts

If you own a GeForce GTX 1070, you might want to pay attention to this news item as you could be effected by this memory issue.

Some users have reported they noticed occasional flickering or graphical artifacts on multiple brands of the 1070. Right now most of the major vendors are working on (or already issuing) a BIOS firmware update for their graphics cards.

Investigation has shown the issues are graphics memory related. GeForce GTX 1070 cards fitted with Samsung memory do not appear to have any issues but some manufacturers have switched towards Micron chips and these appear to be the culprit. This is noticed most during overclocking the graphics memory subsystem. The problem is in the the speed of the voltage adjustment from the low power idle P-States for memory voltage under load. If you can keep the idle voltage above 0.800V before you apply the overclock, you never see the issue.

A number of manufacturers have been working on VBIOS updates, so be sure to check your vendor:

Full info:

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