James Bond actor Richard Kiel – aka Jaws – dies

James Bond actor Richard Kiel – aka Jaws – dies

Richard Kiel is best known for his role as Jaws in the James Bond movies. But did you know he was an accomplished salesman, house developer, and tremendous family man despite the many difficulties he faced trying to make it as an actor? He was a very hard working guy that worked on countless projects and created the comedic nature of the character Jaws. On top of that, he was a pretty inspirational guy later in life.

Learn how he got that lump on his forehead and how a man with many things against him made it in one of the most image-based industries. Definitely worth a listen.

The last chapter of his book is particularly touching where he discusses his faith and asks if the reader is interested in Christianity. He provides a prayer for you to say outloud and even puts his email address and mailing address down if you said it and want to talk to him about it. He then says, “Thank you for letting me share my life with you.”

What a guy.

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