NCAA March Madness rounds 1+2 in Portland – and I’m there!

NCAA March Madness rounds 1+2 in Portland – and I’m there!

Portland got lucky and is hosting NCAA playoffs in the Rose Quarter.  And I got lucky in that of all the teams to start their playoffs – Purdue was playing here(!)  So after working with a buddy with insider connections – I got 10th row tickets to Purdue’s round 1 and 2 playoffs for $55.

I went to Thursday’s playoff game – and it was great.  The Purdue band was playing and we were sitting right in the middle of the Purdue section.  We beat Northern Iowa – but not by nearly enough to make me happy about it. It was very surreal to bridge seeing my old college team, the band and it’s usual shenanigans, and hordes of Purdue fans – but in the Rose Quarter.  After winning against Iowa, our tickets also entitled us to stay for the Washington/Mississippi game.  We stuck around for half of it until it was clear WA would win, then we left before the masses and rush-hour converged on the stadium.  My buddy took pics of us at the game – I’ll put some up when I get a copy.

We’re on to play Washington on Saturday – and I’ll be there at the game as well.  I’m optimistic, but not convinced, of a win. Hope the black and gold gets some fire in it’s belly for this next game.  Washington is definitely playing with the energy of the home crowd.

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