Round 2 – FIGHT!!!

Round 2 – FIGHT!!!

Short version – Purdue makes it to the sweet 16.  Longer version is that I got to go to the game.  Even made a few cameo appearances during swinging shots (I’m over on the far right side – midway down):

What an amazing and fun game – and we got 11th row tickets this go around.  Lots of amazing energy – and I lost a good chunk of my voice in the outing.  Purdue fans were definitely in the minority with plenty of Washington fans driving down from Seattle – so what we lacked in numbers – we made up in volume.  The whole stadium was sold out – and it certainly showed by the numbers of folks outside trying to pick up last minute tickets.

Overall it was a great moment of re-living the college days.  Purdue Pete, the cheers, the band, the game itself.  What a way to spend a Saturday.  I hope Portland gets another chance to host the NCAA playoffs again.  Now on to the sweet 16.

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