Banks, Oregon BBQ, Tractor Pull and combine demolition derby

Banks, Oregon BBQ, Tractor Pull and combine demolition derby

Best day ever!  I loved going out to the middle of Oregon farmland and catching this event.  I had been wanting to go for several years, but something always came up the weekend they did this event.  This year I made it – and it was a fantastic bit of farm-land fun.  Here’s a breakdown of events:

Lawnmower pull – Pull the deck off your mower and go.  Was not very competitive – was mostly for kids to participate and get into the fun.

Field tractor pull –  My favorites – a John Deere 520 has a good run and does a good wheelie.  I learned to drive a 720, which is the newer brother to this guy.  Had that awesome putt-putt-putt of a 2 cylinder 50hp engine.  God I loved that sound.

Modified tractors – these are not really tractors anymore.  They have 450 big-block car/truck engines with new transmissions/etc.  They have wheelspeeds of about 60mph and ground speeds of about 15-20mph

Truck pulls – come take your slightly modified truck out and pull away.

Diesel dual-turbo supercharged – crazy

Car blowup – take a car, cut its radiator hose and drain the oil, turn on and put a 2×4 on the gas pedal.  Wait for engine to self-destruct.

Combine demolition derby – the granddaddy of the whole show

Highlight reels (they consist of many parts put together – so watch them all)

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